Certified Risk Architect

Certified Risk Architect®, or “CRA®”, is the designation carried by professionals, and preferred by growth oriented middle market companies and organizations when selecting an Outsourced Risk Manager.

The CRA® designation is bestowed only upon select individuals who, having successfully completed rigorous academic study, testing, and real world field training, have demonstrated the ability to provide consultative, diagnostic, result-oriented solutions focused on managing and mitigating enterprise risk.

The Certified Risk Architect focus includes continuous monitoring and adjustment of a “Risk Management Blueprint™” designed specifically for the client organization.

Each CRA® is a trusted business advisor, not the vendor of product. A Certified Risk Architect’s disciplined approach, planning processes, ethics, and service standards differ significantly from insurance agents or brokers. Trained to begin each engagement focused on the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risk, the Certified Risk Architect® has been qualified to conduct an enterprise-wide, diagnostic “Risk Management Checkup™” designed to deliver a clear understanding of each client’s operations, exposures, and unique risk profile.

While the short-term objective is to identify and evaluate risk, the long-term goal of the Certified Risk Architect® is to “design and build” processes and programs that, when implemented, positively impact and reduce the organization’s Total Cost of Risk and, logically following, improve the organization’s “bottom line”.

The Certified Risk Architect® strategically collaborates within the client organization striving to eliminate, reduce, and/or shift risk, and continuously monitor and adapt implemented programs year-round as the client organization’s risk profile inevitably changes.

Certified Risk Architect®- “…the Purple standard”